LinkGear values transparency and trustworthiness, especially when it comes to customer reviews. To ensure that all reviews published on our website are authentic and reliable, we have implemented strict guidelines and processes that comply with German legal standards.

  1. Verified Purchase: Customers must provide proof that they have actually purchased the product to submit a review on our website. This can be done by giving an order number, invoice, or other proof of purchase.
  2. Manual Review: Our team carefully reviews each submitted review before publication on the website. During this process, we ensure the review is from a verified buyer and does not contain any misleading, offensive, or inappropriate content.
  3. No Incentives: We do not offer any incentives or rewards for leaving reviews, as this can lead to biased or distorted opinions. Customers are encouraged to provide honest and constructive feedback without being influenced.
  4. Right to Respond: If a customer leaves a negative review, we strive to understand the issue and find a solution. We reserve the right to respond to reviews to provide additional context or information when deemed appropriate and helpful.

By adhering to these strict guidelines, we ensure that the reviews published on our website provide an authentic and reliable representation of our customers’ experiences and opinions. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best possible experience and to handle feedback openly and honestly.