The use of Starlink represents a revolutionary way to stay online while on the move in motorhomes or campervans. Whether it’s Netflix, YouTube, or a Zoom call, with Starlink, it’s no longer a problem to stay connected from almost any location in the world. However, to fully leverage the potential of Starlink in a mobile setting, it’s crucial to choose the right power supply. In this post, we’ll explore how you can seamlessly integrate Starlink into your mobile home.

Simple 12V or 24V Conversion with All-in-1 Converter

The challenge of operating Starlink mobilely often lies in the required power supply. Fortunately, Starlink’s 2nd generation can be easily converted to 12V or 24V operation with an All-in-1 converter without any hassle. The converter we offer simplifies the process: the original Starlink cable is plugged directly into the converter and connected to a 12V power source. The integrated LAN port then allows you to use a router of your choice, without being dependent on the original router that only works with 230V. More information about the 12V/24V Converter can be found here.

120W PoE Injector with Boost-Converter including direct connection of the Starlink cable.

The Right Battery Makes the Difference

Many mobile power stations fail to provide the necessary power for Starlink at the 12V output, as Starlink needs up to 120W. Therefore, we recommend the use of special batteries, especially LiFePo4 batteries like those from Supervolt*. These not only offer the required capacity and power but are also durable and safe to use. For detailed information about these batteries, take a look at Supervolt*.

Keep an Eye on Power Consumption

The average power consumption of Starlink is about 45 Watts, assuming it’s mainly used for browsing websites. However, the consumption can increase when streaming videos or engaging in similarly data-intensive activities. Note that Starlink requires almost 110W shortly after turning on, during the initial communication with the satellite.

Practical Test: One Battery, Many Hours of Internet

To test the system’s efficiency in everyday use, we ran a 12V converted Starlink with a 760 Wh battery. The result: Over 9 hours of mixed-use with streaming and surfing the internet was possible on a single charge.


Integrating a 2nd generation Starlink into your mobile life, whether in a motorhome or campervan, is easier than ever thanks to modern solutions like the All-in-1 converter and powerful LiFePo4 batteries*. With the right equipment, you can ensure that you remain connected everywhere and at all times, without compromise.

* Our blog post contains offers from various shops, which pay us a commission for redirection or sale.

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