First things first: Activation will only work if the Dishy is brand-new (e.g. bought from a third-party supplier that sells new dishies) or if used the seller has started transferring the Dish out. No dish that is currently connected with another Starlink account can be paired – don’t even bother to ask Starlink’s Support, there is simply no way!

Where do I find the Starlink KIT ID?

The easiest way is to look at the sticker that is on the cardboard box that came with your Starlink. While activating Starlink is also possible using other identifiers, using the KIT ID is usually the easiest and most convenient way.

Where can I activate my Starlink once I have found the KIT ID?

The URL you need to use is
In case you are looking to activate many dishes, you can also append the KIT-ID like this:

Can I activate Starlink into an existing account?

While in theory this is no problem, we have faced many issues activating Starlink dishes into existing accounts. There are multiple ways, but the “new” way is to use the same activate page and click on “Existing Account”. If this does not yield the results you are looking for, you can also start a new Starlink Order and tick the the “I already have my Starlink.” box. This will enable a text field that allows you to add a Starlink KIT identifier. Should both ways not work, contact Starlink’s support and let them know that both ways did not work for you.

Way 1: Enter identifier on the activate page.
Way 2: Start a new order and enter the starlink identifier on there.

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